Where Are The Muslim Women?

The heated debates around Muslim women and their hijabs have only gained traction after waves of Islamophobia and racism continuously fueling them. On one side, we have adamant Muslims arguing about the beauty of the hijab and the inevitable blessings it would bring to its wearer; and on the other, racists and Islamophobes who harbor […]

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The STEM vs. Humanities Discourse in South-Asian Cultures

The stigma around Humanities majors in South-Asian cultures has reached a new level of intolerance.  Over the past decade, more and more students have been encouraged to pursue their education in STEM-related fields. STEM fields are generally believed to be much more valuable compared to the liberal arts and there’s this false perception that every […]

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Toxic Masculinity: A Plague Across South Asia

Featured Image: Metro Toxic masculinity has always been prevalent in South-Asian society. As young children, boys are told immediately to stop “crying like girls” — taught that any feminine act can shatter their entire masculinity and, that because they are boys, they are not allowed to show any signs of weakness or emotion. As these […]

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