The Plight of an 18-year old in the Pandemic

Featured Illustration: ‘Lights On’ by Ranganath Krishnamani With the fall blues now fully upon us, students have returned to the back-to-school groove. Yes, unlike previous years, I feel oddly stuck to the preceding one. A year, a milestone even, that disappeared without realization. Leaving high school without graduation, without yearbook signings, and without senior trips […]

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Featured Illustration: To Ni, ‘The Price of Greed’ Let me tell you a story Of strong voracity and straight-up hypocrisy Let me tell you a story Where it’s people with their things versus people with nothing Let me tell you a story Of a society filled with greed that doesn’t feed those in grave need […]

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How I Fell Back In Love With Reading

Featured Illustration: Grace Easton Unboxing new books is a marvelous experience. First, you await the package for days, meticulously reloading the Canada Post website. Then, when the package finally arrives, it must undergo the pandemic-screening process which involves Clorox wipes and social distancing from the box. Finally, the box is opened and the books are […]

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Hey You, Get A Mentor!

Featured Illustration: Femme Palette When you want to travel somewhere new, you use a GPS. When you want to cook a new dish, you use a recipe. When you want to do a certain makeup look, you watch a tutorial. These broad statements may not apply to everyone, but for many, they center around the […]

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Making The Most of the Last Stretch

Featured Illustration: tubik.arts This year has been undeniably difficult. Difficult for those who lost their inspirations, said goodbye to loved ones, stayed in toxic homes, and endured the worst of anxiety — the examples of adversity are endless. This year was despised for many reasons and as we reach its conclusion, this hatred may very […]

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How Do You Get Someone To Unlearn Racism?

Featured Illustration: The 360 Mag We have all seen the video or heard about Jacob Blake — the unarmed Black man who was shot at by Kenosha police in broad daylight with his 3 boys present at the scene. Whether you believe he was a potential threat for leaning into his car or deserved the […]

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A New Mindset for a New School Year

Featured Image: Hub/John Hopkins University Millions of students will be heading back to school in the coming days in ways they may have never done before. Some university students will no longer be commuting from the bus stop to the train station, and others will be atoning masks and social distancing while writing notes during […]

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