Overstimulation, COVID-19, and Moving On

Featured Illustration: Bailey Mariner / Verywell Life before COVID-19 is difficult to remember. It is easy to say the pandemic has changed me and equally easy to argue that anything and everything changes people. But, I would like to propose that the pandemic has been different in this case. To say how much I changed […]

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The Plight of an 18-year old in the Pandemic

Featured Illustration: ‘Lights On’ by Ranganath Krishnamani With the fall blues now fully upon us, students have returned to the back-to-school groove. Yes, unlike previous years, I feel oddly stuck to the preceding one. A year, a milestone even, that disappeared without realization. Leaving high school without graduation, without yearbook signings, and without senior trips […]

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Featured Illustration: To Ni, ‘The Price of Greed’ Let me tell you a story Of strong voracity and straight-up hypocrisy Let me tell you a story Where it’s people with their things versus people with nothing Let me tell you a story Of a society filled with greed that doesn’t feed those in grave need […]

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How I Fell Back In Love With Reading

Featured Illustration: Grace Easton Unboxing new books is a marvelous experience. First, you await the package for days, meticulously reloading the Canada Post website. Then, when the package finally arrives, it must undergo the pandemic-screening process which involves Clorox wipes and social distancing from the box. Finally, the box is opened and the books are […]

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Hey You, Get A Mentor!

Featured Illustration: Femme Palette When you want to travel somewhere new, you use a GPS. When you want to cook a new dish, you use a recipe. When you want to do a certain makeup look, you watch a tutorial. These broad statements may not apply to everyone, but for many, they center around the […]

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Making The Most of the Last Stretch

Featured Illustration: tubik.arts This year has been undeniably difficult. Difficult for those who lost their inspirations, said goodbye to loved ones, stayed in toxic homes, and endured the worst of anxiety — the examples of adversity are endless. This year was despised for many reasons and as we reach its conclusion, this hatred may very […]

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How Do You Get Someone To Unlearn Racism?

Featured Illustration: The 360 Mag We have all seen the video or heard about Jacob Blake — the unarmed Black man who was shot at by Kenosha police in broad daylight with his 3 boys present at the scene. Whether you believe he was a potential threat for leaning into his car or deserved the […]

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