Book Clubs Are LinkedIn Worthy

Featured Image: Oleg Oprisco While many of my peers spent their childhood playing outside and learning how to kick a soccer ball, much of mine was spent on a blue bean bag in the kid’s section of my local public library.  It wasn’t that I hated sports. I swam on my YMCA’s team and I […]

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Quarantine Workaholism: A Different Beast

Featured Illustration: Raz Latif Ever since quarantine began, it seems that everyone is pushing themselves to new heights. Comments like, “You should be writing the next great American novel!” and “If you wanted to start a business, now is the time do it!” never fail to send a spike of anxiety down my spine. Of […]

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Embracing Loneliness through Escapism in Animal Crossing

Unless you’ve been living quietly in the mountains since this pandemic started (which, kudos to you, sounds like a great idea), you’ve probably heard of a game called “Animal Crossing.” Maybe you’ve also heard of a certain Raymond, an office cat with heterochromia who absolutely everyone seems to be in love with, and if you’re […]

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