Hey Alexa, Play “I’m Coming Out” by Diana Ross

Featured Illustration: “Show Me as I Want to Be Seen” by Claude Cahun I’m a bisexual person. My pronouns are she/they and the more introspection I do, the more I find that I’m slowly slipping into the non-binary territory. And that’s cool but every day I wake up and face a dilemma. Do I need […]

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To Kill A God

When I was an afterling, a young one without knowledge, I imagined the bad things were confined to the dark. It granted me warmth and safety knowing I was gated in the sun. An invisible line, something I couldn’t see but as real and as tangible as anything that kept the monsters and the bad […]

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i am here to take up space

I have had good guys speak over me I have had bad guys speak over me I have been dismissed by professors I have been questioned in my work environment I have smiled while being harassed I have apologized for everything I refuse I am here to take up space.   I will not move […]

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Self Care for Sexual Assault Survivors

Don’t rush anything. It may feel like you should be out, living your life and dating but if you’re not ready then don’t risk re-traumatizing yourself. Do approach dating apps with caution. Bumble has a block option but only after you’ve matched with someone. Tinder doesn’t offer a block option at all so far, so it’s quite […]

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