Why Should You Even Care About Diversity in Publishing?

Diversity in the publishing industry is and has always been lacking. Examples range from a disproportionate shortage of diverse books to the willful ignorance of book influencers calling out problems within the industry.  In order to learn more about the need for diversity in publishing and what we can do to make a change, I […]

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How I Feel About Slanted Eyes Becoming a Beauty Trend

Featured Image: Cosmopolitan A recent trend on Tik Tok known as the “fox eye challenge” has gotten people to shave their eyebrows and share makeup tricks to achieve upturned almond-shaped eyes. Some have even turned to brow lifts or thread lifts, to have the sutures temporary pull their eyes up into shape. This phenomenon is […]

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Tik Tok Therapists: Ending the Stigma Surrounding Mental Health One Video at a Time

Featured Image: Yahoo! News An app that once had teenagers as its main audience has reached a broader spectrum of users. Therapists are also using Tik Tok in order to combat the stigma that surrounds anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses. With quarantine and state lockdowns, being in isolation can have significant detrimental consequences. According […]

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