The Walls We Hide Behind

Featured Artwork: Elena Resko Immigrant culture entails hard work and success, but in the process produces the fear of being ridiculed if one ever deviates from that set standard of excellence. It’s not uncommon that even the simple utterance of the words “mental health” in the South Asian community are met with amused looks or […]

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Purchasing (Private) Education in Pakistan

UN sustainable development goal 4.1 demands the provision of ‘free, equitable and quality primary and secondary education’ to all boys and girls. Education is our remedy to social ills and a golden pass to an inclusive, prosperous future. The problem is that education today is not free or equitable; it is almost without exception a […]

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Homecoming, Again.

(Featured Image: Minaret overlooking our neighborhood) I only stayed for 2 weeks. I distinctly remember booking the tickets and breathing a sigh of relief because for once, I would not be spending the whole of my summer in Pakistan. Memories of past trips were stifling; the restless heat, disorienting pitch black nights and pervasive sense of melancholia. […]

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The “F” Word: Feminism in Pakistan

Pakistan is a predominantly Muslim country — Islam itself has given Muslim women many rights and so has Prophet Muhammad (may peace and blessings be upon him), but why does the nation fear feminism so much? When the word feminism is even uttered many roll their eyes, but such people have only have seen and […]

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