The M Word

Featured Illustration: Daniela Jordan~Villaveces I’m in my early 20s. Still in university. Single so far. Muslim. Indian.  And marriage is a trigger word to me. Not really. It’s not that the very word induces panic. Or that I can’t fathom the idea of it or that I’m against it. But when I’m made to think […]

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Pinterest Boards and Our Want to be Picturesque

If you are a Pinterest user, you’re probably aware of how addicting it is to create new boards. A new obsession calls for a new board, so does a desire, an aesthetic and sometimes just the want to save something. For those unfamiliar with Pinterest, if I had to describe the application in a sentence, […]

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A Sailor Cruising Through Failure

Featured Illustration: Vero Romero “Thank you for submitting to ‘X’. After careful consideration, it was not chosen for publication. This does not reflect the quality of our work.” “Thank you for applying for our research position, but we cannot offer you a position at the moment.” More often than I would have liked, I had […]

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Instagram Infographics Shouldn’t Be Your Main News Source

Featured Illustration: Aïda Amer/Axios Every day I come across a carousel of Instagram stories on my feed, plastered with neatly designed visuals that aim to explain complex topics in bitesize slides to anyone who may be unfamiliar to them. Infographics, which have traditionally served as tools to accompany and underscore longer sources of information, have […]

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