Of Kulfi and Kajals: How One Beauty Brand is Bridging the Gap Between Tradition and Innovation

Featured Image: Badal Patel Kulfi Beauty is as sweet as it is disruptive. While inclusivity is necessary for any industry, this upcoming NYC-based beauty brand is set on exploring something more — self-reflection and celebration. Through intentional storytelling, Kulfi boldly confronts colorism, classism, and patriarchal norms that have been historically embedded within the South Asian […]

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The Battle of the Makeup Brush Against Domestic Violence

Luminous red lipstick, flattering foundation, and bold brows. If only they could conceal the abuse, pain, and distress. Sexual violence, domestic abuse, and human trafficking are unfortunately very common in many parts of the world. What makes it worse is that it is not considered a criminal act in some areas, one of which is […]

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