This is why I’m gushing over Gush Beauty

Sheil Jain studied economics and psychology at NYU, but while investing in companies and thinking in numbers were skills she enjoyed, it was the billboards in New York that would always grab Sheil’s attention. Declaring herself a branding nerd, pleasing branding aesthetics were simply something that Sheil had an eye for. Only when studying international […]

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Of Kulfi and Kajals: How One Beauty Brand is Bridging the Gap Between Tradition and Innovation

Featured Image: Badal Patel Kulfi Beauty is as sweet as it is disruptive. While inclusivity is necessary for any industry, this upcoming NYC-based beauty brand is set on exploring something more — self-reflection and celebration. Through intentional storytelling, Kulfi boldly confronts colorism, classism, and patriarchal norms that have been historically embedded within the South Asian […]

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Bride or Die

Featured Illustration: Hanifa Abdul Hameed A wedding is supposedly the happiest event in a household, and in Indian households, we like to go all-out. When I was a little girl, I was fascinated with the idea of being a bride — beautiful, elegant, the center of attention, the most important person in the room. All […]

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The Walls We Hide Behind

Featured Artwork: Elena Resko Immigrant culture entails hard work and success, but in the process produces the fear of being ridiculed if one ever deviates from that set standard of excellence. It’s not uncommon that even the simple utterance of the words “mental health” in the South Asian community are met with amused looks or […]

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A Travel Through Reality

A glimpse into the fate of many female children in India… #SupportTheGirlChild Blame is an escape. If we gave it a chance, the cunning emotion could turn our lives into a haven. Though what destiny gave us is what we receive. Why keep thirsty for something you will never earn?  My heart keeps on yearning […]

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Growing Up Dark-Skinned in a Country Obsessed With Fairness

I was in eleventh grade when confession pages were the rage across schools and universities — not only in India, but across the world. Taking advantage of the anonymity the world wide web offers, they were sometimes a platform for people to profess their love, crack harmless jokes, or reveal juicy secrets; but more often […]

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