Alchemy of Solitude director Viktoria I.V. King on the plurality of justice

“Do you want to ask questions or do you want to live?” International-award-winning film director, screenwriter, and producer Viktoria I.V. King poses this question throughout her newest upcoming film, Alchemy of Solitude, which she describes as an “autopsy of an activist”. Set in an alternate reality, where activists-turned-assassins are trying to end a race war, […]

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The Problem with “Yellow Fever” and the Sexual Fetishism of Asian American Women in Film 

Featured Artwork: LA Johnson Throughout cinematographic history, the young Asian American woman has been misrepresented. Asian Americans were nearly nonexistent in classic Hollywood; the industry often ignoring Asian issues, characters, and actors. However, as films began to include Asians, not only were actors sought after to play people from an Asian country (not as Asian Americans), but […]

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