stop asking me if i need a hug

Featured Image: In the studio with K. O’Neill Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault allusion, PTSD mention . . . I don’t know how to start this article and I’ve rewritten this sentence several times. I’ve been meaning to talk about this topic for a while now but wasn’t sure how to put it into words. It’s […]

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Eldritch Zone

One step I took back, one step I took forward. Losing control of my demented mind. Passing by crowded places, many sources of vile spaces. Velvet teardrops are splashing the cold, hard cement ground. As I see the torn leaves dwindling down the narrow road, a sight beckons me to throw it at great height, […]

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The STEM vs. Humanities Discourse in South-Asian Cultures

The stigma around Humanities majors in South-Asian cultures has reached a new level of intolerance.  Over the past decade, more and more students have been encouraged to pursue their education in STEM-related fields. STEM fields are generally believed to be much more valuable compared to the liberal arts and there’s this false perception that every […]

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