In conversation with Vijay Sarathy, Visual Artist and Photographer

Featured Images: Vijay Sarathy Vijay Sarathy is a self-taught visual artist and photographer from Chennai, India. His work involves transforming bodies of nature to represent inner states. Your photographs depict landscapes and objects that feel tantalizingly familiar, and yet they manage to propel the viewer into a parallel universe that is infinitely more surreal and […]

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An Artist’s Reframing of the Past

On first viewing, Jody Paulsen’s textile collages displayed against the bright yellow walls of the SMAC Gallery in Cape Town appear to be a joyful celebration of life. I am drawn towards them, wanting to touch the multiple layers of felt, recalling childhood games and crafts. On closer examination though, I recognise deeper references to […]

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Reflections on Heritage Day in South Africa

As I scrolled through posts on social media about the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RBG), I noticed that she wore her iconic white beaded collar in the majority of the images. Apparently, it’s a favourite in her collection of neckpieces, and came from South Africa, where it is made and worn […]

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Guam’s Teen Pageants Become a Catalyst for Service

Winning a pageant consists of beauty and brains — the typical trajectory of many. With long hours of preparation and hard work, Ken Jay Sablan Paulino acquired the title of “Mister Teen Guam 2019” and Zaria Jerese Muna Fejeran became “Miss Teen Guam 2019.” As summer passes by, both teens attempt to fulfill their mission […]

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