From Work to Our Bodies: Why All The Shame?

Featured Illustration: Aslin Lin Shame is often an emotion we are never able to fully understand or come to terms with because we have been told time and time again to accept and even submit to it. We are often told that certain things are labeled “shameful” if we are unable to live up to […]

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The Calm After The Storm

I have anxiety, probably as a result of experiences that will haunt me forever. At times, I still have panic attacks — moments where I feel like I can’t breathe, it’s getting hot, and I’m overthinking but can’t think at the same time. For a long time, I didn’t know how to get past these moments, […]

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Five Minute Sanctuaries

In my day job, I meet all kinds of patients. People with lives in between the medicines they use, with smiles and tears, triumphs and fears. On this typical day, someone wants to speak to the pharmacist. Inside the consultation room, I sit down with the lady in question and let her talk. When I […]

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I Forgot To Be A Teenager

When I was young, I would run around my backyard playing out imaginary scenarios. I remember my mind feeling a lot “lighter.” I felt freer, as it should have; I was only a child. Now I am twenty — I don’t really have a backyard to run around in, and my mind feels a lot […]

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