Cooking up a storm in a Desi Kitchen

Sarah Woods, the author of Desi Kitchen, left her corporate role at a leading pharmaceutical company to pursue a career in food. She honed her cooking skills at Ashburton Chef’s Academy in Devon, prior to taking the leap and then debuted on BBC One’s ‘Britain’s Best Home Cook’. During the Covid lockdown, she established a […]

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You’re Doing Brown Skin All Wrong

Featured Illustration: Dissirama Laba As brown girls, we have to come to the basic understanding (and agreement) that our skin care needs are on a completely different playing field than caucasian skin. Everything about it is different; skin conditions, issues, concerns, and even genetic makeup. Before this one beautiful invention called the smartphone, it was […]

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What is it like to stay clear with Clearica?

Archana and Anuj Rathi come from a family that supplies colours, such as paints and inks, to businesses in India, but they wanted to try something different, something like skincare. A biotech company in the USA named PhytoPharmacon (PPI) which carried out pathbreaking research into botanicals and had created a massive library of around 4,500 […]

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How Hair Veda Connects The Past With the Present

Before Aneeka Chauhan built Hair Veda, she studied Optometry at university and was practising as a qualified optometrist. As an optometrist she would constantly be working with patients, helping them with their sight and eye health. She decided to become a contractor in this field as it allowed her to have the flexibility to work […]

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Cancer Never Forgets Your Address

The movies got it wrong. That was all I could think about on my three-hour flight back home to Philadelphia. My parents and I had made an emergency trip to Dallas after a wallet size mass was found in my brother’s lungs. It was two weeks before my sophomore year of college when my brother […]

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Carving Out Indigenous History

The Story Behind the Black Hills   The Heart of Everything That Is is what the Black Hills have been known as to the Lakota, or Lakota Sioux, tribe. This location has been a sacred area for several indigenous tribes in South Dakota for hundreds of years. However, you might know this site as Mount […]

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