Diplomacy Will Not Bring Liberation

Featured Artwork: Annie Bissett LGBTQ+ rights within the UK have been historically been exploited as some form of political sport, throwing shallow jabs and punches at the community to appeal to the bigoted vote. Hostility towards the LGBT community harks back to the Thatcher era, where the leader passed Section 28 (a bill banning the […]

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This is what goes into building a House of Makeup

When we think about small businesses, we usually associate them with a person’s first journey on the business path. That may be the case for many, but definitely not for Harlin Sachdeva, the founder of House of Makeup. Harlin has been in the beauty industry for almost a decade! However, her journey started with something […]

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Solitude in the Crowd: the Journey into Iftar

Solitude in the Crowd: the Journey into Iftar Photo Essay by Ushbah Al-Ain This is a collection of photographs I have taken over the last six years, chronicling moments leading into Iftar during the Islamic month of Ramadan. Iftar is the opening meal after a dry fast at sunset, upon the call of the fourth obligatory daily prayer […]

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