Anisa Karolia’s ‘The Ramadan Cookbook’

Food plays a huge role in Ramadan for Muslims around the world, abstaining from eating between sunrise and sunset with a pre-dawn meal of Suhoor and a family-cooked meal in the evening. It possibly bridges Anisa Karolia to her childhood memories of wandering into the kitchen to ask her mum what she was cooking. This […]

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Reimagining Resilience: Loving is our jihad

As we begin 2022, we reflect on the accomplishments, losses, and lessons of 2021. And as 2022 begins to look a little more like 2020-2, we remember our decision to name 2021 “The Year of Resilience.” As our team reflected on how resilient our communities are and have been, we also held the heaviness of […]

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Daughters of a Different Path

Daughters of a Different Path is a story about a young African American woman, Leanna, who seeks her mother’s acceptance. After her mother rejects her decision of becoming Muslim, Leanna begins to deal with inner obstacles of doubt. The story is not only about Leanna’s conversion and the repercussions of her decision, but about transforming […]

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Muslim Enough

Featured Illustration: Shehzil Malik They ask me Are you fasting? Then look on with suspicion When I say no Waiting for some explanation As to why I’m not quite This caricature of a Muslim woman They’ve put together in their heads From scraps on the news, TV shows, movies, And their general opinion Of what […]

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Where Is Home When You Are an Ahmadi Muslim? An Analysis on the Persecution Against the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

Featured Image: The Guardian The Ahmadiyya Muslim community is a sect within Islam. The community in various countries is targeted, persecuted, and declared non-Muslim. Countries such as Pakistan, Indonesia, the United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, and many more have a history of mistreatment towards Ahmadi Muslims. The persecution of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community is a clear […]

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Connecting at a Junction

Featured Artwork: ‘Putting the pieces back together as one’, Acrylic on canvas by Uzma Rizvi Shias and Sunnis living together in peace From time to time, we come across heartbreaking news about Sunni and Shia Muslims being intolerant and aggressive toward each other in various countries. Sometimes, there have been riots and even killings. It […]

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