Overstimulation, COVID-19, and Moving On

Featured Illustration: Bailey Mariner / Verywell Life before COVID-19 is difficult to remember. It is easy to say the pandemic has changed me and equally easy to argue that anything and everything changes people. But, I would like to propose that the pandemic has been different in this case. To say how much I changed […]

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Journalism: The New Corporatocracy

“Democracy dies in darkness.” The infamous slogan of the Washington Post highlights the importance of journalism as we become increasingly aware of how fragile our democratic institutions are. It’s a phrase quoted by Amazon founder, the newly ordained second-richest man on Earth (after being surpassed by Elon Musk), the second billionaire to go to space, […]

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Embracing Ageing

I spent the morning at a chair yoga workshop recently, talking about the effects of ageing on the body. While I’m not quite ready to get off the mat, there were definitely pointers to share with my mum and adaptations to consider when aches and pains give me a nudge (as they do nowadays). This […]

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The M Word

Featured Illustration: Daniela Jordan~Villaveces I’m in my early 20s. Still in university. Single so far. Muslim. Indian.  And marriage is a trigger word to me. Not really. It’s not that the very word induces panic. Or that I can’t fathom the idea of it or that I’m against it. But when I’m made to think […]

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Women Who Made Things Worse For Other Women

Featured Image: Kelly Caminero Every few years, a handful of women emerge that become emblematic of whichever wave of feminism we find ourselves in. They might be politicians, business founders or just have a huge social media following, but whatever space they occupy, they are acknowledged by many as the ones who are doing feminism […]

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Diplomacy Will Not Bring Liberation

Featured Artwork: Annie Bissett LGBTQ+ rights within the UK have been historically been exploited as some form of political sport, throwing shallow jabs and punches at the community to appeal to the bigoted vote. Hostility towards the LGBT community harks back to the Thatcher era, where the leader passed Section 28 (a bill banning the […]

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