Diplomacy Will Not Bring Liberation

Featured Artwork: Annie Bissett LGBTQ+ rights within the UK have been historically been exploited as some form of political sport, throwing shallow jabs and punches at the community to appeal to the bigoted vote. Hostility towards the LGBT community harks back to the Thatcher era, where the leader passed Section 28 (a bill banning the […]

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How Shein Has Descended Into Fashion Madness

Featured Image: Polina Tankilevitch Clothes have powers. These powers are often overlooked, but the root of our confidence and comfort derives from what we wear. It is not only what protects us, but is also the source of our self-expression and individuality. Within seconds, our disposition can change when we find that one perfect item […]

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Sri Lanka in Crisis – Here’s How You Can Help

Featured images by Manula Jayawardhana Sri Lanka is currently in a state of economic crisis due to the corrupt leadership of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa. A series of protests have occurred in the island nation’s capital of Colombo, and throughout the country, in direct response to this corruption and economic mismanagement.  According to Colombo local Vinod […]

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DNF if you’re “bio” transgender

Featured Illustration: Megan Orr My name is Lauren, and I’m sixteen years old. I was assigned female at birth, but I am transgender. My pronouns are she/her/hers and they/them/theirs. I label myself as genderfluid because my gender fluctuates between other gender identities such as male, female, agender, etc. I’ve known I wasn’t a girl for […]

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