Traipse Through the Internet With Me

  Featured Image: Mountain Man at NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert I never really understood the Greek Siren myth until I heard Sewee Sewee by the band Mountain Man, comprising of a trio of Appalachian folk singers. As soon as I pressed play for the first time, even the fact that I don’t know how […]

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How I Fell Back In Love With Reading

Featured Illustration: Grace Easton Unboxing new books is a marvelous experience. First, you await the package for days, meticulously reloading the Canada Post website. Then, when the package finally arrives, it must undergo the pandemic-screening process which involves Clorox wipes and social distancing from the box. Finally, the box is opened and the books are […]

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How Do We Create Social Impact?

Featured Illustration: Heart Design Studio I’m from Dhaka, a city known to be crowded, congested, and buzzing with ambition. I’ve always felt deeply connected to my home, its colorful characters, and truly believed in its potential to be the greatest place on Earth. At the time, we lived in a gated community surrounded by evergreen […]

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Defining Les Misérables in the 21st Century

Featured Illustration: Cristiano Gonçalo The first time that I heard of Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables was in a café.  The shop looked something out of an auteur’s Elysian: the splendid oranges, shaded by moody hues of blues, the bale-like arrangements of fluffy breads and pastries. It was this pseudo-Parisian place — the mahogany walls, lined […]

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