A Scene from “Brief Encounter”

Featured Artwork: ‘Brief Encounter’ by Stephen Pannell In David Lean’s 1945 film Brief Encounter, a middle-aged housewife Laura Jesson (Celia Johnson) meets the married doctor Alec Harvey (Trevor Howard) by chance at an English train station. With a friendly conversation over tea, a speck of coal caught under the eye, and a series of arranged […]

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Women at the End of the World

Featured Image: Robert Koorenny Ever since I was young, I’ve been aware of the environment’s fragility and how acute disturbances could elicit monumental changes. I credit most of this consciousness to natural disaster flicks, as juvenile and nonsensical as it seems. To maintain suspense and entertainment, these movies often speed up the severity of threats […]

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Hasnain Ali: Producing Opportunities

Featured Image: Yekaterina Gyadu Hasnain Ali is a Pakistani-American Muslim actor and producer from Queens, New York. He has been in short films, web series, TV series, and feature films such as the 2017 romantic comedy Irritable starring Aaron Dake, Stefanie Bloom, Jessica Barrish, and more. Ali’s love for acting began when working in finance. […]

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The Tragedy of John Brown in Pop Culture

Featured Illustration: Laura Lannes When I heard that Showtime was creating a show centered around John Brown, I cannot lie, I was very excited. John Brown is one of the most fascinating historical figures in American history, not just for what he did, but because of how Americans across generations have seen him, praised him, […]

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