The Corporatization of Media and The Distortion of Political Reality

The media is driven by commercial bias, which is associated with advertisers who want to increase their profits. Aside from earning money, publications would be able to retrieve a diverse set of readers. Since journalism is a ‘dying’ industry, marketing and advertising are critical to media’s survival. Thus, readers would rather read celebrity or political […]

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Guam’s Teen Pageants Become a Catalyst for Service

Winning a pageant consists of beauty and brains — the typical trajectory of many. With long hours of preparation and hard work, Ken Jay Sablan Paulino acquired the title of “Mister Teen Guam 2019” and Zaria Jerese Muna Fejeran became “Miss Teen Guam 2019.” As summer passes by, both teens attempt to fulfill their mission […]

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Memories of Your Ocean Blue Eyes

The crescent moon is glimmering as we’re lying down beneath the stars. The film is silently playing while the fireflies surround the yard. As our hands lightly touch, it makes me want to give you all that I have. Drowning in your ocean blue eyes. The smell of your perfume lingers in my sheets, a […]

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Eldritch Zone

One step I took back, one step I took forward. Losing control of my demented mind. Passing by crowded places, many sources of vile spaces. Velvet teardrops are splashing the cold, hard cement ground. As I see the torn leaves dwindling down the narrow road, a sight beckons me to throw it at great height, […]

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Rising Up From Failure

Roger Crawford once said, “Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional.” From my erstwhile experiences, I have ultimately realized that there will always be incoming challenges ahead of us. These inescapable encounters precisely measure the range of our capabilities and moral values. To effectively prepare for these impending tasks, we primarily need […]

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The Inevitability of Poverty

Poverty has always been perceived as a major worldwide problem. Since early civilization, the slaves of Roman masters were commanded to fulfill their respective duties. Currently, in California, the poverty rate is at 20.4 percent. Under any circumstances, the concept of poverty will never diminish. Trends throughout history have proved that there were numerous solutions […]

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