Reclamation Magazine is a digital publication committed to amplifying the voices of the marginalized. We attempt to give the communities and the people whose perspectives have been cast off in the mainstream a platform to express themselves — to showcase their vulnerability, to stand tall in the face of adversity, and to reclaim their identity. We are dedicated to featuring the creativity, intellect, and opinions of our contributors as authentically as possible; urging them to stick with their truth in a time where the world needs it more than ever.

We recognize that there are voices in the social and political climate that have been sidelined for far too long, voices that haven’t been given the validity they deserve, voices that through it all have remained persistent.

There is power in words. In art. In stories. They have the ability to change the very foundations of our world, the institutions that have sought to oppress us, the borders that have attempted to divide us. They have the power to free us from the walls built to contain us so that we are diminished to nothing but labels and stereotypes.

But we are so much more than that. We are intellectuals. We are creatives. We are leaders, and thinkers, and doers. We are revolutionaries. And we are, in essence, hope. The spokespeople of our generation.

Here at Reclamation Magazine, your voice matters.



Simra Mariam, an undergraduate Media and Communications student at Ursinus College, has been writing about politics and social justice since the startup of her blog in 2015. Her work has been published and featured in The Huffington Post, Odyssey, The Affinity Magazine, and more.

“Rooted in the concept of using various mediums of art to express individuality, experiences, and critiques about the world, I wanted the magazine to be accessible to anyone who felt the need for a representative voice in the mainstream media. I am hopeful that as the platform continues to grow in both readership and contributions, it will serve as a statement that marginalized voices cannot be erased, and are all the more powerful when they come together.”