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A Nation.

A nation compounded with poverty and thrown off the edge with a civil war. 

A nation once skyrocketing with rich architecture now littered with bombs and destruction in all its form.

A nation screaming for help yet silenced by the very lack of awareness to their suffering. 

A nation faced with the largest global humanitarian crisis. 

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The lack of governmental responsibility, presence of terrorism, varying political agendas, coupled with an unstable economy have all contributed to the intractable civil war pushing millions of Yemenis to starvation. 24 million civilians require lifesaving assistance and 2 million children now face acute malnutrition.

Shipment blockades have prevented food from entering the nation and the looming presence of war destroys any sense of security. 

Yet, considering all these facts, it’s so easy to scroll right past this crisis. In times of major chaos, we desensitize ourselves to the understanding that living, breathing human beings are behind these numbers with aspirations and desires of their own.

The act of desensitization must be diluted out of our consciousness to better serve humanity.

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Support Us. 

Feeding Yemen is a student-led initiative organised by youth from Canada, US, and Cambodia. Our team is driven to educate society about this crisis and fundraise $15,000 this summer to address inadequate food access for those who would likely die without support. 6 days within launching our GoFundMe, we generated over $7000 in donations — but we cannot stop here. 

100% of our proceeds will be donated to Yemen Aid, an organization established in 2016 by passionate Yemeni-Americans who’ve adopted a mission to enact real change with a track record to prove it.

When I pledged to become a member of Feeding Yemen I was fueled by guilt; guilt for not helping sooner, researching earlier, or donating when the crisis first commenced. This fuel has now ignited my passion to become an advocate for the beautiful nation of Yemen. I implore you all to support our fundraising efforts and/or participate in other calls to action if donating is not possible.

The chaos of 2020 has unearthed many major catastrophes facing our brothers and sisters globally; these crises have always existed yet we continued to ignore their pleas. 

Don’t ignore them now. 

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