I stare out the window in the middle of the night

Crying everything but flowers

The weather is beautiful, It’s May

And somehow everything seems to blossom

But my womb

The lake gives birth to a new generation of life

Even the rain seems to flourish

The moon seduces the rose

The sun winks at us

Heaven and hell make love

To propel the universe

And I fail to create life

All my life I was told there was only one way for a woman to blossom

She had to be ripe for the picking

Her lips red from the apple

Only good for sin

My mother was the best sinner

Emulated the one who gave birth to Jesus

sacrificed herself on the altar

So we wouldn’t end up on a cross

took her womb and turned it inside out

Why I can’t be like her?

Remember God loves sinners

Life is awfully quiet

Without the laughter of a child

Maybe I would not feel so empty

If you did not look at me like I wasn’t already home

I was enough

I hold your soul when the skies are shaking

I already give you flowers when the rest of the world


Do you still worship my body knowing you won’t find God?



Featured Artwork: Pri Barbosa